Schooling Areas

VIN is currently working in Jitpur VDC ( Project Area) that aims to empower children through special educational programs and trainings. VIN is supporting schools which are community and public schools of Jitpur VDC by volunteer who teach at schools and share their skills.

The schools that VIN is working with are:

Jitpur Higher Secondary School Kalikasaran Lower Scondary School  Khadwalkot Primary School
 Mahadevsthan Primary school  Nagarjun Thulogaun Secondary School  North Star Secondary Boarding School
 Panchmane ECD  Saraswoti Primary School  Tarkeswor Boarding School

There are no other organization enrolled in these schools except VIN.

In these schools however you can support where is there is need of facilities to be provided. The facilities provided to students here are less likely to students. You could be the one helping students in various fields through various ways. Volunteers supports are always needed to VIN to meet its goal.

The work that volunteers will be handling will be:

  • Teach English at a community/private School;
  • Teach English language for local school teachers;
  • Guide and assist local volunteers in their roles;
  • Collect and use locally available resources;
  • Keep inventory of everything you use so that they will be recorded and stored for future references;
  • Keep the work well documented so that your work will have more value even in the future;
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