Youth Empowerment

Project at a glance:

Project Youth Empowerment
Start Date 1st or 15th of each month
Activities Working with youth Club: English Language, computer technology, career development workshops, sports
Working Hours 3-5 hours/day, 5 or 6 days a week
Required Qualification No any prior experience required but your interest in working with them, skills and knowledge on handling activities is required
Benefits Youth can develop life skills can deploy for local community
Placement locations Kathmandu, Nuwakot, Okhaldhunga
Arrangement of Food/Room Food and room will be provided to volunteers on the basis of locality they choose


VIN’s youth program has two folds aim: to prepare them for their future by enhancing social and professional life skills; and developing confidence in them to deal with the situation and issues that concern them; and to get activities done in children’s clubs, women’s clubs and community. It is therefore encouraging youths to be part of VIN’s endeavor to bring changes in children and communities which consequently develops their life skills and prepares them for their future career. You are warmly welcome if you can contribute in anyway (facilitating and providing materials) to strengthen children and youths. In short, this program helps local youth being social responsible.

VIN’s aim is to:

  • Develop life skills in youths and deploy them for local community development process.
  • Equip and provide volunteers a platform to link their academic learning into practical life.
  • Provide vocational skills for those who missed school education or dropped out from their education.
  • Make youths to be proactive for social transformation fighting against existing discrimination’s.
  • Provide volunteering opportunities in the local, national and international level

What can a volunteer do?

  • Conduct English Language classes at the local community;
  • Conduct workshops on career development topic such CV writing, interview skills, Formal letter writing etc;
  • Help them plan for their monthly activities;
  • conduct vocational and technology training;
  • Conduct life skills training such as – decision making, problem solving, coping with stress, communication;
  • Organize competitive activities such as quizzes, debates, speeches, master of ceremony (MC), interactions;
  • Organize visits to resourceful places from where they can learn their skills.

What is the current programme for youths?

VIN has set up a local youth club at Jitpur community representing all youth from the community. They do a variety of different activities to empower rural community youth. This has been a great platform for the local youth to get involved in their career development activities. VIN has been in the international network of “On Youth Hand”. There are six countries involved in the network. The network has started to function from December 2007, once with the initiation of the “On Youth Hands” project that was created following cooperation, educational and social purposes.

  • It promotes intercontinental cooperation and support between three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • It assumes experience exchanges between countries
  • It is orientated towards developing countries, such as Nepal and Cape Vert
  • Shared and promoted values are:
  • active citizenship
  • social inclusion
  • tolerance
  • best practice
  • social responsibility
  • non-violence
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