Teaching at Orphanage Homes

Project at a glance:

Project Teaching at Orphanage Homes
Start Date 1st or 15th of each month
Activities Teaching English, science, math, support home work, cleaning, washing, admin support
Working Hours 2-3 hours/day, 5 or 6 days a week
Required Qualification No any prior experience required but your passion and willingness to share time and love for children is all required
Benefits Children will get to learn different subject matters through innovative aspects with friendly atmosphere, love and care
Placement locations Kathmandu, Nuwakot, Okhaldhunga
Arrangement of Food/Room Food and room will be provided to volunteers on the basis of locality they choose


Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and is in the developing stage. It has been affected by poverty, internal conflicts, social discrimination, lack of opportunities. Children loosing their parents with various reasons will have no choice for their living. For this reason they might leave their villages in search of work many of which end up as child laborers, or they may be involved in the bad activities and are deprived of education. These disadvantaged children need attention, love, care, and the opportunity for education.Only least orphan children are fortunate to stay with their relatives and live their normal life.

The Orphanage Volunteer program in Nepal under VIN offers the street children the support and devotion they deserve. Volunteers teach Basic English, creative works and other subjects such as math and science to these eager learners. As a volunteer, you also organize tours, games, drawings, singing, dancing, painting and other activities that the children enjoy and also learn something at the same time.Volunteers may help the children prepare for school, and help with their homework.Most of the orphanages in Nepal are poor resourced, under staffed, and are struggling to run their programs.Helps are needed in education, skill training, sanitation, and administration.

VIN Volunteering in Nepal Orphanage program is an enriching and life changing experience for our volunteers as well as the children. Many of our former volunteers have reported that this project, in particular, has been memorable and fulfilling, and has changed the way they view the world.

VIN has been working with two different orphanages of Kathmandu.There are 9 kids in one orphanage and 15 in the other and supporting them by making donations and placing volunteers. VIN is also in a process of establishing one more orphanage in Kathmandu. There is urgent need of any kinds of help and support. There are many areas where volunteers can use their education, skills, and time making meaningful contributions in the life of orphan kids of Nepal.

VIN runs different educational and skill training programs for orphans under VIN child care in Nepal. So depending on the need of project and skill/interest of participants, volunteers can get involved by following activities:

  • Teach English (2-3 hours a day) in orphanage or school (when the orphanage kids go to schools during the day)
  • Organizing games, drawing, singing, dancing, and other creative education and extra curricular activities
  • Taking kids on educational tours
  • Helping kids to do homework, monitor academic progress, and make sure kids complete next day’s homework
  • Child care services for orphans who can not go to school
  • Help in other activities or programs designed for kids
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